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Financial Services

Financial Services

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get ." – Warren Buffett
Portfolio Analytics:

Through advanced analytic tools designed for the purpose our professionals seek to provide value added information on your holdings from both a risk return perspective and a benchmark perspective depicted by way of informative easy to read tables and charts.

Customized Stock Screening:

Every institutional sales desk as well as the buy side firms would have their own predetermined criteria for stock selection. This is modified time and over with an objective to produce better results. We, at Smartree, the company that is engaged in providing financial services, use not only the client's pre specified ratios to screen the stocks from the specified universe but also lend our insight to deliver superior results. Stock screens can be customized at our end as per the client’s requirement and sent out at regular intervals as the need may be.

Statistical Modelling & Analysis:

With the increasing use of algorithmic trading, it has become imperative to apply suitable quantitative skill sets and logic in order to come up with robust solutions. For dynamic traders and active investors, shifting from fundamental to statistical analysis has paid off significantly in the recent years of a highly volatile trading environment. Prominent members of our team, adept at statistical modeling can add immense value to raw time series data and transform the same into meaningful information which might be in the form of useful pair trades, repetitive price patterns, volatility analysis etc.

Back Testing trading Strategies:

It is a futile exercise to execute trading & investment logic without going back in time and testing them out without any biases. Such an exercise is not only mundane but also highly time consuming to perform at the front end of the firm. Our trained personnel will assist you in back testing your trading requirements through the use of advanced software available and also help test the logic manually if required.