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Here is the list that holds the testing ideas you must give a try on the landing pages

by admin Posted on May 10, 2017 at 5:45 am

Landing pages need to be tested and with this post will get to know interesting and concrete testing ideas that you should try on the landing pages. The ideas and the description and written below:

Enhance the CTA (call to action) – First, the button for the CTA must be used, instead of the link or text. If there are multiple CTAs at the top and at the bottom, both must go through an assessment, even if they are same. At the end, try testing your own CTA text, which you may find a ton like ‘learn more’, ‘request a quote’, ‘call now’, etc.

Get hold of the information- The form placement, color, and layout are needed to be examined. The discreet pop-ups and the other pop-ups should not be left behind and it must be analyzed while the user navigates and leaves the site.

Analyze the images- Images are very important as it helps the users to understand whether the landing page is equivalent to their needs. The images that contain no value might mislead the visitors. Test the images, icons, size, banner, and text that can build and emphasize a connection with the visitors.

Create an impactful copy- Give a try to new writings that are more convincing and persuasive for the visitors. Break the contents into paragraphs with points & bullet listed, making it more approachable for the audience. Use Google Analytics to study the flow reports, which can help you to track audience reaction.

Navigate or not- There are certain landing pages that come with full navigation and less navigation. If the navigation helps, try using other navigation options that can give better information about the products and activities.

Up-sell and Cross-sell- Before the customer heads out for purchase, some suggestions must be made based on their likes. Interesting add-ons can make the page complete. Create opportunities for the customers to review the product, provide feedback and share their experience in other channels.

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